A perfect moment in the heart of the city


In our coffee department, discover the finest beans from different parts of the world whose unique characteristics will inspire you to create combinations that will fully suit your taste and bring enjoyment to this unique beverage.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, El Salvador Finca El Carmon, Peru North Lima, Columbia, Uganda, Brazil Serra Negra, Guatemala Organic. India Cherry Aa Limited, Brazil Santos and Brazil Minas are just some of the types of coffee waiting to win you over with their aromas and flavors.


In order to start enjoying your coffee blend, it is enough just to make a combination of its types, and then grind it in a mill in our department. After that, all you have to do is cook it and invite your loved ones for a tasting. Of course, everything is in the details, so you can always improve your ratio in order to achieve an ideal balance that will suit you completely and make every moment in which you indulge in it special.