A world of perfect steaks


Steak is one of the highest quality cuts of beef that represents a top gourmet experience for every meat lover, but also a top culinary challenge for every chef.

Tastes are different, and the diversity of steak is the result of a combination of both its type and the way it is prepared.





One of the most valued and famous steaks, it got its name from its distinctive appearance, which is due to the bone in the shape of the letter T, which, as a rule, is located in its middle and represents the border between steak on the one hand, and rump steak on the other. Thanks to this, its taste represents a harmonious harmony that is accompanied by moderate fat and a juicy texture that brings special pleasure in every bite.


Recommendation: Medium rare





Real foodies affectionately call it the king of steaks, and there’s a good reason for that. This steak is characterized by its size, and although it looks very similar to the T-Bone, the main difference is that it is characterized by a significantly larger amount of meat. It is considered one of the most valued steaks, which is due to the combination of fillet and upper thigh, which give a strikingly complex, juicy taste of premium beef.


Recommendation: Medium rare





A frequent favorite of true steak lovers, it stands out from the beef ribs appetizers and is distinguished by its extremely tender texture, juiciness and excellent taste, which is reflected in the almost perfect balance of meat and fine fat that completes the experience during consumption. Precisely because of these characteristics, it is the perfect choice for almost all occasions.


Recommendation: Medium well






A tender steak known for its specific, soft texture that melts in your mouth and can practically be cut with just a fork. Although it can partly belong to steaks such as T-Bone and Porterhouse, Filet mignon in its own version has a milder and sweeter taste compared to other types of beef steaks, so it is recommended to everyone who wants to indulge in a refined and delicate pleasure.


Recommendation: Rare





A very popular steak that does not contain the bone, but actually represents the larger side of the T-bone steak, which is precisely the most responsible for its taste. It is extremely juicy and tender, while every bite reveals the authentic aromas of beef that make it the perfect classic choice for a perfect lunch or dinner.


Recommendation: Medium well