Italian cheeses in Crvena jabuka gastro market Marindvor

The ancient Romans were the first to turn cheese making into an art. After developing new techniques for drying and adding different aromas, they began to spread their knowledge throughout the empire, and local differences contributed to the development of new types.

Italian cheeses are highly valued, so if you, like Italians, enjoy them in every other aspect of your life, then you are in the right place at Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market. A wide selection of Italian cheeses awaits you on the first floor, and we bring you a narrow selection of must-try ones.

Parmigiano Reggiano

This extra-hard, semi-fat cow’s cheese is known for its special, grainy structure. It breaks and splits into pieces towards the middle. Its taste is extraordinary, full, and rich, filled with fruity aromas. The entire wheel of cheese, weighing about 38 kilograms, must bear the stamp “Parmigiano-Reggiano, D.O.P.,” along with the identification number of the cheese workshop.

One kilogram of Parmesan requires as much as 16 liters of milk. Parmesan, when paired with honey and truffles, is an unusual delight. It’s indispensable when grated and sprinkled in soups and pasta, as well as in the preparation of risotto and various sauces. It pairs well with fruits like pears, green apples, prunes, and figs.

It complements premium sparkling wine and elegant, well-structured red wines, which you can find in Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market Marindvor.


Grana padano

Grana Padano, a cheese made from opaque, semi-skimmed cow’s milk, gets its name from the word “grain,” which describes the cheese’s grainy texture. This hard Italian cow’s milk cheese is closely related to Parmesan cheese and is known for its exceptional quality. It matures for at least 12 months, resulting in a grainy texture and a pronounced sweet aroma, characteristic of this cheese type. Some wheels of Grana Padano are aged for up to two years, intensifying their flavors and developing a more granular texture.

Grana Padano is known for its technically edible peel, although it’s too hard to be consumed. This cheese can be sliced lightly, allowing it to melt on the tongue. For those with heartier appetites, you can simply cut off a larger piece. Grana Padano pairs wonderfully with figs and dried fruits, apples, or honey, making it an excellent choice for a delightful picnic with walnuts and olives. It elevates the taste and creaminess of pasta and risotto dishes. Sliced into thin leaves, it adds a delightful touch to salads, while broken into larger pieces, it becomes the perfect ingredient for a splendid cheese platter.

The saltiness of Grana Padano pairs exceptionally well with dessert wines, which you can find at Crvena jabuka gastro market Marindvor in Sarajevo.

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano, a hard and salty cheese, has its origins near Rome. The name “Pecorino” stems from the Italian word with ancient Roman roots, “pecora,” meaning sheep, as this cheese is crafted from sheep’s milk.

Historically, Pecorino Romano played a vital role in providing strength and energy to tired Roman soldiers, offering a high-energy and easily digestible food source. This cheese is prominently featured in various Italian dishes, especially those of Roman origin, like the classic “spaghetti alla carbonara.”

The sharpness of Pecorino Romano can vary depending on its ripening period, which ranges from five months for table cheese to eight months or even longer for grated cheese.

Across Italy, Pecorino is served both as an independent appetizer and dessert. It pairs beautifully with homemade bread, honey, various nuts, as well as pears and grapes. Additionally, Pecorino is a versatile ingredient, enhancing soups, cold and hot salads, and it’s the timeless companion for traditional spaghetti dishes. Its unique flavor also complements fish-based recipes.



Provolone is a semi-hard cheese known for its versatility and ability to age over several months, with its flavor intensifying over time. In Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market, you’ll find big pear-shaped Italian Provolone cheeses suspended from ropes, their exteriors resembling a wax coating.

The most popular variety hails from the northern regions of Italy, crafted from cow’s milk and rennet, boasting a sweet taste. It’s typically available when fresh or aged for no more than three months.

For those who prefer a bolder, spicier flavor, the southern regions produce Provolone made from goat’s (or lamb’s) rennet. As it matures, it becomes increasingly robust and firm, a preference frequently favored by individuals from southern Italy. With a fat content of 45%, this cheese pairs excellently with full-bodied red wines.

Provolone can be elegantly served at the table, best enjoyed with hot, home-baked bread, available in our bakery. Whether your taste leans towards hard, semi-hard, or soft cheeses, you’ll find a wide selection at Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market in the heart of Sarajevo.