Discover the world of cheeses

Countries that hold the title of “Queen of Cheeses”

In these countries, the quality and production of cheese are taken very seriously. They create art from cheeses, offering incredible flavors, top quality, and unique characteristics. These are just some of the cheeses that you can find in our delicatessen department, showcasing cheeses from Spain and Italy.

Spanish cheeses that rank at the top in taste, appearance, and grace:


MANCHEGO SEMICUARDO – hard sheep’s cheese

When this Spaniard graces your cold platter, rest assured that you have successfully delighted your guests! The specific characteristics and properties of this cheese are derived from the milk of a unique breed of sheep from Mancha, as well as its production in La Mancha. Its main features include a hard whitish-yellow to brownish rind, a firm and compact interior, a slightly sour and robust flavor, and a furrowed structure. This cheese offers an extremely pleasant and complex taste that will delight your palate.

Recommendation: Serve the cheese with fresh olives, fruit, and honey.

The perfect pairing: It is ideal to combine with sparkling white wines.



ZAMORANO (PDO) VIEJO – hard sheep’s cheese

Another famous Spanish sheep’s milk cheese produced in the Castilla-León Zamora region. The specialty of Zamoran Viejo cheese is that it takes almost six months to fully mature. It is characterized by a pale yellow color with a rough texture. Lovers of this cheese know how to enjoy its specific cheese aroma, which is characterized by the milk of the Churro and the Castilian breed of sheep.

Recommendation: serve it as an appetizer.

The perfect pair: goes well with all red wines.



ROMERO – goat cheese

Aromatic, unique goat cheese with rosemary. It is known for being obtained from a special breed of Murcia goat and for its firmness, but also for its buttery interior. The specificity of its taste lies in the herbs that come from the mountain region. It will undoubtedly adorn your table, both with its beautiful appearance and its uniqueness. It is ideal for lovers of different and unusual aromas.

Recommendation: Goes well with other cheeses.

The perfect pairing: Serve it with a sweet red wine.


Cheeses from the land of culinary arts – Italy


PARMIGIANO REGGIANO – hard cow’s cheese

This widely known and popular type of cheese got its name from the two areas where it is produced: Parma and Reggio Emilia. It is characterized by its cylindrical shape, golden yellow skin, fine-grained structure, and delicate taste with a fragrant aroma. Parmigiano Reggiano will surely enhance any appetizer or soup, and in addition, it will also provide a special sensory experience.

Recommendation: It can be eaten alone, in combination with vegetables, salads, fruit, or grated in soup or pasta.

A perfect pair: Sparkling and light white wines complement its aroma.



GORGONZOLA – blue cow soft cheese

The most prominent symbol of Italian cuisine that has been produced for centuries. Today, this famous cheese is enjoyed worldwide, and its defining feature is the “blue veins” that are formed through the addition of mold. Another characteristic is its sharp and strong taste, accompanied by the aromas of forest moss.

Recommendation: Use it in pasta dishes, risottos, pizzas, but it can also be enjoyed in combination with other cheeses.

The perfect pairing: Its strong aroma complements well with sweet wines.