Italian romance in the heart of the city






Carefully tailored recipes of traditional Italian cuisine are the skill of our pizza masters. What makes our pizzas special and different from others is the dough that grows from love, ingredients and recipes that are sprinkled with a sincere desire to make pizzas worth remembering and the Italian spirit.





Soft dough and juicy interior are the main assets of this predecessor of pizza. The dough is made using special techniques so that an airy and crispy structure is obtained, which in its lightness resembles the finest cotton. When you try it, you will discover the perfection of the taste, which is made according to the traditional Italian recipe.





There is no doubt that the best dough comes from Italy. And now imagine Italian dough combined with various delicious ingredients such as cheese, olives, olive oil, basil, tomatoes, artichokes,… and you will get a superb focaccia woven with an Italian recipe, which our dough masters have perfected to the point that you will think you are eating focaccia in the center of Italy! Inspired by the perfect focaccia dough, our connoisseurs and professionals of Italian cuisine have prepared focaccia sandwiches as well as other Italian productsthat will undoubtedly delight you.