Sushi – one of the most sought dishes from our departments.

The Art of Crafting Perfect Bites.

The sushi we prepare at Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market Marindvor, following authentic recipes with carefully selected ingredients, has emerged as one of the most sought-after dishes in our departments since our recent opening in Sarajevo.

Whether you’re an sushi lover or trying it for the first time, sushi is the epitome for the culinary craft of perfect, bite-sized delights. And if you’ve decided to embark on this adventure for the first time, you’ve come to the right place.


Sushi Ingredients

Sushi ingredients may not be your kitchen staples, but many of them have a long shelf life once you acquire them. With various sushi types to choose from, it’s essential to decide your culinary direction before you start. The most renowned varieties include nigiri, maki, futo maki, California, and sashimi.

Sushi comprises two key components: shari and neta. Shari is cooked rice cooled with vinegar, while neta represents the toppings, typically raw fish or seafood, but it can also include fruit, vegetables, or cheese. A dish earns the title “sushi” when it contains shari, or rice, without exception.

Essential additions to sushi include wasabi (Japanese horseradish), soy sauce, and pickled ginger. In accordance with Japanese etiquette, sushi should not be dunked in soy sauce. To savor this delicacy like a true sushi connoisseur, grasp a piece of pickled ginger with your chopsticks, lightly dip it in soy sauce, and gently brush it over the sushi. Wasabi and pickled ginger also play a vital role in ensuring food safety and disinfection when serving and consuming fresh fish dishes. Wasabi possesses antimicrobial properties, while pickled ginger offers a soothing effect, characteristic of Japanese cuisine, and acts as a natural antioxidant, unveiling the genuine taste of Japanese culinary art.


Types of Sushi

The world of sushi is brimming with countless variations, and at Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market Marindvor, we offer a diverse and consistently fresh selection. With sushi’s unique history, from its origins to modern adaptations worldwide, various regions have developed their own techniques and methods. Here are some fundamental types, directly from our daily offerings:


Nigiri consists of rectangular pieces of rice adorned with a single ingredient – be it fish, seafood, fruit, or vegetables. Crafted by hand, it may seem simple, but forming this unique piece of rice demands a special skill, accompanied by a dedicated knife for slicing the fish. Nigiri is meant to be savored in a single bite. In our selection, you’ll find three distinctive nigiri sushi types: sake nigiri – featuring salmon, maguro nigiri – showcasing tuna, and ebi nigiri – highlighting prawns.



Maki rolls are enveloped in nori, a pressed seaweed that firmly binds the shari (rice) together with a central ingredient, be it tuna, salmon, avocado, prawns, cucumber, or surimi. Within our offerings, you can select from maki sake rolls (salmon), maki maguro rolls (tuna), or maki avocado rolls. Each maki roll is sliced into six pieces, each possessing its unique flavor profile, ensuring an enjoyable culinary journey.


Futo maki rolls are the largest among the sushi rolls, boasting the same pressed seaweed exterior as maki rolls but with an abundance of ingredients encased within the roll itself. We prepare a range of futo maki sushi for your pleasure, including futo maki shrimp rolls – featuring fried prawns, avocado, and mayonnaise; futo maki Tokyo rolls – comprising cucumber, avocado, surimi, and salmon; futo maki Kimura rolls – a combination of rice, seaweed, salmon, avocado, cucumber, crispy onion, pickled ginger, and wasabi; futo maki Nagasaki rolls – showcasing rice, seaweed, salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, sesame mix, pickled ginger, and wasabi; and futo maki ebi rolls – filled with rice, seaweed, prawns, avocado, cucumber, cocktail sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi.



California rolls are a type of maki roll, free of a seaweed membrane, and are filled with ingredients like salmon, tuna, surimi, prawns, along with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and even dairy products like cheese. They are characterized by a surface generously sprinkled with a roasted mixture of white and black sesame seeds. California rolls are typically cut into eight equal pieces. You have the privilege of selecting your favorite from options like California ebi rolls, blending cucumber, avocado, shrimp, and sesame; California kani surimi Philadelphia rolls, melding surimi, cucumber, cheese, and sesame; California sake rolls, harmonizing avocado, cucumber, salmon, sesame, pickled ginger, and wasabi; or perhaps you’d prefer California maguro rolls, uniting seaweed, tuna, avocado, cucumber, sesame, pickled ginger, and wasabi.



The creation of premium rolls closely resembles the process of crafting California rolls, yet it allows for greater creativity and deviation from traditional sushi-making standards. You’re encouraged to venture into premium rainbow rolls, featuring avocado, cucumber, cheese, salmon, and tuna, or savor premium crazy rolls, a perfect fusion of fried prawns, avocado, il sauce, and crispy onions. The choice is yours, and the culinary journey is bound to be delightful.



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It is good to know that sushi is served with pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi paste. You can eat it with bamboo chopsticks, but if you like to eat with your fingers, why not?! Dip only the part where the fish is in the sauce, the part with the rice should remain dry, otherwise the taste will be spoiled.

Looking for sushi? You are in the right place at Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market Marindvor. Enjoy!