Do you know how to make your own blend?

This guide is here to help you start your journey into the luxurious world of the most beautiful notes of coffee, which brings an authentic experience woven with a true love for quality and the most beautiful aromas.

Are you getting ready to create your own special blend of coffee and wondering how successful you will be? To begin with, it is important to point out that for a good result it is necessary to follow only a few simple principles.



In the first place, it is necessary to find the ideal harmony of aromas, notes and flavors that will create a rounded whole and leave an impression. Given that each type of coffee has its own unique characteristics, it is necessary to take care to choose types that will not overpower each other but complement each other. That is why it is important that we take care of the following rules.

1.  Do not combine more than five types of coffee, otherwise their properties will not be able to come to the fore.

2. Each coffee blend consists of three parts: base notes, mid palate and high notes. Each of them has its own role in creating a flavor that will make it recognizable.

3. The ideal starting ratio of coffee is 40% base notes, 40% mid palate and 20% high notes. You can adjust these percentages later as you refine your mix.


Good tasting base

Basically, we distinguish over a hundred types of coffee, but the most famous are the two basic types called Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee makes up about 70% of the world’s production and is characterized by a fine balance of bitterness, sweetness and aroma, while on the other hand, Robusta represents a type that is less aromatic and is characterized by a stronger body and intensity of taste.

In relation to the effect we prefer, when creating a base, we usually opt for one of the following two variants:

100% Arabica – a sweet and fragrant combination, accompanied by fine bitterness and refined aromas such as fruit, citrus or flowers.

Arabica and Robusta – full and daring taste, with a pronounced body and bitter notes in which we can recognize hints of tobacco and dark chocolate.


A mid-palate delight

What we most often judge coffee by is the pleasure of the middle palate, which leaves a strong impression and creates a special experience of enjoying coffee. Choosing the coffee that will make it, represents the moment when we will make a decision whether we want to enjoy the fresh notes of citrus and berries, or we will give preference to stronger earthy notes, as well as hints of stone fruit and chocolate.


High notes

What rounds off a blend into a fine whole are the high notes, which we usually describe as more acidic and floral, that is, those that work well with the blends to a lesser extent, giving them additional complexity. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a coffee in this segment that you would not use as a dominant part of the mixture, but only as a light addition to its aroma.


And now, when you are familiar with the basic principles of combining coffee into your unique blend, visit our department and make your own blend, enjoying a large selection of quality coffee beans from around the world.