Irresistible Sweet Secrets

The love for cakes is cultivated from early childhood, when our mothers and grandmothers skillfully crafted the most delicious treats. These delicacies hold a special place in our hearts, carrying the flavors of love, carefree childhood, and happiness. Allow us to introduce you to our patisserie department, where we blend traditional and modern techniques to create homemade cakes and pastries.


What is the secret of our irresistibility?

Our hardworking colleagues approach the preparation of delicacies professionally, with great care and precision. We embrace both traditional and modern techniques in crafting our cakes and tarts. You can find a variety of sweets in one place, and the most important thing to emphasize is that everything is made with a lot of love, making each treat special in its own way. Our pastry shop is the birthplace of sweet stories that end even sweeter. Experience it for yourself and let the aroma of homemade cakes awaken your earliest childhood memories.

Traditional and nostalgic fragrances

Baklava, krempita, šampita, crispy or petit cakes – these are all cakes that remind us of tradition. Their recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, made from one holiday to another, and continue to be cherished to this day. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we have preserved the traditions of our grandmothers or mothers who prepared such delicious treats with a smile. This is precisely how our patisserie operates, because the only recipe that never fails is: tradition + smile + love = perfect flavors.

Modern cakes for different celebrations

In addition to the traditional approach, there is also a modern approach to making top-quality cakes that captivate both in appearance and taste. Cakes made from premium ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, Nutella, pistachios, give irresistible combinations that your taste buds must feel. The inimitable Rosher, the refreshing Fruit Cake, the sumptuous Queen of Chocolate, the Ice Wind, Greece and Kinder Cake are just some of the treats that are prepared with great love and can’t wait to tell you their sweet story.

An irresistible rhapsody of flavors – WINE & CAKE

To complete the story of irresistible flavors, we would like to suggest a few ideas on which wines you can pair with cakes.

  • Chocolate cakes, especially dark chocolate cakes, taste best when combined with a red, dry wine with fruity notes (Jacob’s Creek).
  • Creamy cakes make a perfect combination with sweet, sparkling white wine (Moscato d’Asti, Ca’ Bianca).
  • Fruit cakes happily embrace the flavors of refreshing Prosecco.
  • Crispy cakes containing nuts find their winning combination of flavors when paired with a medium-sweet, slightly fruity Riesling (Blue Light Riesling).