GAEA: The Flavors of Greece on Your Table

The sunny Greek fields conceal the secret of top-quality olives. The fruits of dedicated work and love are carefully selected and harvested, ensuring that every moment at the table is filled with enjoyment. Surrender to the refined tastes offered by these magnificent landscapes and feel the spirit of the Greek summer through authentic Gaea olives and olive oils.

GAEA Green Greek Olives from Halkidiki

Without pits, with thick flesh, and a mildly spicy flavor just waiting to be discovered, green olives are excellent additions to salads and pasta. They also make tasty snacks on their own. Incorporate them into your favorite dishes and relish the freshness and delightful aroma they bring! For fans of organic production, there are also organically grown green olives available. If you prefer bolder flavors, try green olives marinated for several days in extra virgin olive oil, oregano, garlic, coriander, and lemon peel, or opt for those with chili peppers and black pepper for an unsurpassed spicy pleasure.

GAEA Kalamata Olives

Ripened under the Greek sun in the region of the same name, Kalamata olives are characterized by their naturally dark color and the strong, characteristic aroma of soft and delicious fruit. Kalamata olives are a real delicacy that’s hard to resist, perfect as an ingredient in various culinary creations or as a tasty snack. Look for organically produced Kalamata olives on our shelves, as well as those specially cleaned for easy inclusion in your favorite specialties. Enrich your meals and discover why Kalamata olives are considered the true jewels of the Greek Mediterranean.

For Moments of Pure Pleasure…

Created as a combination of tradition and innovation, Gaea natural olive oils bring harmony to every bite. With an emphasis on refinement and fullness of taste, their distinctive notes are an exceptional addition to traditional dishes and enhance modern specialties. No gourmet atmosphere is complete without them.

Let Gaea products take you on a journey through the Mediterranean, where love, tradition, and quality complete the experience of ultimate pleasure. Fill your table with the authentic tastes of Greece.