Gelato Sammontana – The Heart and Soul of Italian Dolce Vita

Imagine walking through the narrow streets of Tuscany, the warm rays of the sun caressing your face as you pass a local pastry shop. At that moment, you see Sammontana smiling at you, an ice cream that reveals the sweet side of Italy.

The Story of Authentic Italian Gelato

It all started in the suburbs of the Italian city of Empoli in Tuscany, in 1948 when a man named Romeo Bagnoli, together with his sons, started the artisanal production of the most delicious authentic Italian gelato.

With their knowledge and skills, with great care and love, the Bagnoli family, like magicians, transforms the finest ingredients into the magic of ice cream that caresses the palate. With carefully selected fresh fruit, homemade milk, and the highest quality chocolates, this gelato won the hearts of everyone who tried it.

The dream of authentic artisanal gelato from a small ice cream shop in the suburbs has become the most beautiful reality. Slowly but surely, tradition and innovation joined forces, and that’s how Sammontana was born, a synonym for the quality of authentic Italian ice cream, recognizable all over the world.

A Pleasure Called Sammontana

Sammontana is much more than just ice cream – it’s a story about a dream, love, and tradition. When you try it, you will feel a wave of sweet pleasure engulf you. At that moment you become part of the Italian family that invites you to enjoy every moment with a smile on your face. Don’t forget that Sammontana carries the heart and spirit of Italian dolce vita. When you indulge in the taste of Samontana, you will feel the pulse of Rome, the warmth of Sicily, and the charm of Florence.

A Spectrum of Flavors That Conquer

Sammontana is an ice cream for everyone’s taste – whether you are a fan of classic fruit rhapsodies like juicy strawberry and refreshing lemon or irresistible combinations of chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel. It’s up to you to discover which Sammontana gelato will win you over!

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