Burrata – soft hearted cheese

This soft cheese, originating from the south of Italy, is a genuine dairy masterpiece in terms of taste and texture, melting in your mouth. Burrata is often referred to as the miracle of Italian cuisine, and rightly so, as every new bite leaves you craving more. Discover what makes this phenomenal cheese and how to enjoy it properly below.

Burrata is a fresh cheese made from cow’s or buffalo milk, presented in the form of a soft elastic bag of mozzarella cheese filled with a creamy core of hand-processed mozzarella and fresh cream. Each bite of burrata is a real little miracle packed into compact balls. However, the real magic happens when the burrata is cut, and its insides begin to ooze like the most beautiful cheese sauce.

This soft-hearted Italian cheese, as burrata is often called, has many variations in the kitchen, bringing authentic freshness and richness of flavor to any dish. To begin with, it is enough to simply sprinkle it with sea salt and pour a few drops of high-quality extra virgin olive oil over it. This is how you can serve it with vegetables and grilled meat, preparing yourself a real gourmet delight.

For those who appreciate the combination of quality cheeses with pastries and dough, burrata is a luxurious choice. Whether you prefer focaccia, flatbreads, croissants, or bruschetta, all you have to do is chop the burrata and serve them with this irresistible cheese. For a complete taste, add herbs of your choice.

Another culinary delight arises when pairing burrata with pasta. This cheese complements all types of pasta, providing a refined creamy contrast. Speaking of Italian specialties, consider adding burrata to your pizza. Place it on top of the finished pizza and return it to the oven for a short time, allowing the cheese to warm up and become soft but not too runny.

To truly savor the aroma of burrata, let it come to room temperature before serving. It is fantastic in combination with fresh fruit in salads. For a particularly elegant note, try grilled figs and burrata with balsamic.

With its delicate texture and rich taste, burrata has become a real star on every table. Whichever way you decide to serve it, we are sure that it will win you over.