Rolled Veal

Weekend inspiration for a great meal without much effort!

We’ve processed and prepared rolled veal for you. Our butchers marinated it in oil and seasoned it with a little salt, pepper, vegetables, and a few secret spices. 😉 Don’t worry, it’s well rolled up and secured with thread.
All you have to do is cover it with a little oil and bake it for 2.5 – 3 hours at 180°C. Turn it over from time to time and pour the meat juices, while occasionally adding a little water.
Rolled veal is ideally served with baked potatoes and a green salad. Of course, a meal like this wouldn’t be complete without a glass of quality red wine.
Our recommendation is Shiraz Cabernet 0.75l Coral Reef, which is rich with notes of chocolate, vanilla, and berries. The pleasant oak notes from aging the wine will complement the flavors of the perfectly baked rolled veal.