Wine and fish: A perfect pair

Hedonists are always on the lookout for new and different ways to pair food and wine, with fish being one of the most favored companions on these small gastronomic journeys. That’s why we have selected a few unusual and irresistible tips for you, ensuring you savor every bite.

Prosecco and fried fish

Forget the common perception that Prosecco, the sweet Italian sparkling wine, is only meant for desserts. If you’re up for an adventure, try pairing it with fried fish. You’ll discover how the crispness of the fish perfectly complements the citrusy sweetness of Prosecco, creating a delightful balance of salty and sweet flavors.

Moscato and spicy fish

Moscato, with its sweetness and light bubbles, offers a palette of aromas including vanilla, peach, jasmine, and caramel. Although typically considered a dessert wine, it pairs surprisingly well with main dishes, especially those with spicy notes characteristic of Mexican cuisine. Serving it with fish tacos allows every sip of this wine to encourage a harmony of fruity notes with a distinct spicy taste.

Pinot Gris and blue fish

Pinot Gris is celebrated in culinary circles as an excellent companion to fish. Its high acidity and fruity notes make it a perfect match for blue fish, bringing out its citrus and fruity characteristics, especially with finely roasted tuna or mackerel.

Pinot Noir and freshwater fish

Pinot Noir, with its lightness and low tannin content, stands as an exception to the rule that fish is best served with white wines. It pairs ideally with the richer meat of freshwater fish, such as salmon trout, but if you’re unable to prepare it, the impression will not be lacking if you pair it with other river varieties. Also, most pasta dishes that include fish will pair well with this quality red wine.

And of course, don’t forget that creative and thoughtful pairing of wine and fish can offer the most exquisite gourmet experiences. Awaken the adventurer in you and try different combinations, because true hedonism lies in the constant exploration of new flavors.