How to perfectly pair wine and meat

Pairing wine with meat delicacies is crucial in creating a harmonious gastronomic experience. By choosing the right wine, you can accentuate and even enhance the flavor of the dish, and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to choose to enjoy the meal fully.

Meats such as juicy steak or lamb require a wine that will stand shoulder to shoulder with their intense flavor. They will pair perfectly with rich full-bodied red wines like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, such as Bolgheri Sassicaia and Pauillac. These wines have complex notes and complement red meat excellently, while their tannins help balance the fattiness of the dish.

If you decide to choose chicken or turkey, light and refreshing white wines like Marsanne and Syrah will be the best choice. We recommend trying Hermitage, which will delicately accompany the subtle aromas of white meat, simultaneously providing a refreshing contrast and allowing the flavors of the meat to shine through. These wines particularly complement marinated chicken specialties and turkey in fruity sauces.

The variety of flavors in fish and seafood requires careful wine selection to achieve perfect harmony. For light fish such as trout or sea bass, Sauvignon Blanc is ideal. Refreshing acidity and fruity wine notes highlight the natural flavors of the fish and pair well with herbs like basil, oregano, and rosemary.

For more intense and sharp-tasting seafood such as squid, shellfish, or prawns, it is advisable to pair them with mineral and refreshing wines to achieve an ideal balance. For example, with shellfish in a broth, we recommend trying Pessac-Léognan.