Look for Volim preserves on the shelves of the Crvena jabuka gastro market

How to prepare preserves? It’s a question that troubles many housewives when they encounter this process for the first time. This endeavor may initially appear as a challenge, a responsibility, and a significant amount of work. However, if you adhere to the guidelines and have reliable recipes, it can become a delightful endeavor. On the other hand, many of us today lack the time to engage in the preservation process. That’s where VOLIM preserves come into play.

Authentic flavors, abundant in vitamins, free from preservatives – this is why they’re truly worth trying! We’ve gone the extra mile for you by stocking the finest quality VOLIM preserves on our shelves, brimming with delectable flavors.

Ajvar, for instance, is packed with vitamin C from peppers, enhancing immunity and overall bodily functions. It also boasts vitamin A from tomatoes, while eggplant contributes a necessary dose of vitamin B2 and folic acid. Whether you prefer it hot or mild, Ajvar is often cherished by those who aren’t particularly fond of vegetables and salads. It’s a flavorful way to replenish your essential vitamins.

A colorful salad is a winter vegetable dish that caters to various tastes, providing essential vitamins and minerals. It’s a traditional delicacy in these regions, and you can tailor the vegetable selection to your liking.

Pickles are a staple in most households, and for good reason. Beyond their deliciousness, pickles are a rich source of minerals, containing protein and dietary fiber, making them a healthy food choice. They also boast a high water content and minimal fat, allowing you to enjoy them without the worry of unwanted weight gain.

In some cultures, there’s a belief that if a man and a woman share the same beetroot, it will kindle love. Perhaps this myth endures thanks to our VOLIM beetroot jar. It’s a vitamin source and contains a relatively high sugar content. However, beet sugar is slowly metabolized after consumption, so you won’t experience the sudden “sugar rush” you might get from eating chocolate.

If you savor spicy food, such as chili peppers or pepperoni, our VOLIM pepperoni is the ideal choice for you. The heat in pepperoni is derived from capsaicin, a substance known to boost metabolism and burn calories.

Every jar on the shelves of Crvena Jabuka Gastro Market Marindvor reflects love, dedication, and care for loved ones. These preserves undergo meticulous cleaning, chopping, cooking, and pickling, ensuring that homemade snacks delight you at every meal. Only VOLIM can deliver such love and quality!