Harmonious Combinations of Cheeses and Wines That Will Delight Your Palate!

In the world of gastronomy, there are few food and beverage pairings that can claim the title of the longest-lasting duo, and one such enduring pair is cheese and wine. Thanks to their long history gracing our tables, some combinations have become classic and traditional, while others are born from personal preferences and adventurous palates. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or love to explore new flavors, one thing is certain with cheese and wine – the ultimate gastronomic pleasure unfolds when they come together!

Grana Padano and Chianti

The Italian gem, Grana Padano, is a hard, spicy, semi-fat cheese with a granular texture. Made from cow’s milk, it’s renowned for its maturation process of over a year. To fully appreciate the range of aromas this cheese offers, pair it with the legendary Tuscan Chianti, a medium-acid, full-flavored wine with subtle notes of smoke and spices that harmonize irresistibly with the nutty undertones of the cheese.

Brie and Champagne

Originating from the French region of Brie, this soft, creamy cheese with a white rind and buttery texture is best enjoyed at room temperature, allowing it to become perfectly creamy when sliced. The herbal notes with hints of mushrooms and nuts in Brie complement the refreshing, citrusy characteristics of Champagne wines, making this pairing ideal for celebrations and special moments.

Provolone and Chardonnay

Provolone, an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk, comes in three varieties – spicy, natural, and sweet – depending on aging time and production processes. It ranges from mild to intensely flavored, with varying textures during ripening. The acidity of Chardonnay aged in oak barrels beautifully complements all the cheese’s notes and enhances it with subtle vanilla and fruit aromas.

Livanjski and Plavac

Livanjski cheese is a traditional Bosnian delicacy with a unique taste. Crafted from a special blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk, it undergoes entirely natural ripening. As a hard, full-fat cheese, it pairs wonderfully with the geographically close red wine Plavac, known for its richness in tannins and aromas of fruit and spices, which harmonize perfectly with the cheese’s creamy texture.

Zamorano and Tempranillo

This unique combination of sheep’s cheese and red wine hails from sunny Spain. Zamorano is a hard, sweet-salty cheese with a crumbly texture that matures over six months. Its sweetness, sharpness, and nutty aromas are a perfect match for the fruity complexity and tannin-rich taste of Tempranillo wine.

Gouda and Cabernet Sauvignon

Despite the “what grows together, goes together” rule, here’s a bold combination of Dutch cheese and French wine. Gouda is a semi-hard, full-fat cheese known for its milky and slightly sweet taste, as well as its compact, elastic texture that makes it easy to cut and serve. The cheese’s strength pairs wonderfully with refreshing Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, boasting medium tannins and subtle floral aromas.

Roquefort and Riesling

Roquefort is a French cheese from the blue cheese family, made from sheep’s milk and known for its soft, creamy texture speckled with blue-green molds. It has a sharp, intense flavor that beautifully complements the slightly sweet and sour nature of Riesling wine. For the best experience, serve the wine chilled to 8°C to let its full range of aromas shine.

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