How did the burger conquer the world?

When something is irresistibly delicious and easy to prepare — like a burger, it doesn’t take long to win the hearts of food lovers around the world. The finest meat and imaginative side dishes bring us a multitude of variations in which everyone finds their favorites, always happily returning to the gastronomic pleasure that rewards us again and again with a unique experience.

A special type of meat

Since the Middle Ages, the German city of Hamburg has started a tradition of meat processing, which over time has become known for its superior quality and taste. As harbor trade progressed rapidly, the rest of the world became familiar with “Hamburg-style” schnitzels, sausages, and steaks. Minced seasoned meat soon got the name hamburger. That name has remained to this day when, in addition to it, we are also familiar with its nickname “burger.”

Special buns

In the beginning, the meat for the burger was ground by hand, and as the 19th century blessed us with the invention of the meat grinder, this irresistible dish could be prepared in restaurants and in more and more households around the world. Since at that time the burger was still served between two slices of fresh or toasted bread, fans of this meat delicacy agreed that it needed a bun that would perfectly follow the shape of the meat — and that’s when buns were born, without which we can’t even imagine the look and taste of a burger today. The buns are sprinkled with sesame on the top and bottom, which soon becomes the trademark of this favorite dish of all generations.

Mysterious toppings

It’s safe to say that every experienced grill master has his own original recipe for the perfect burger sauce, which he keeps strictly secret. However, it is known that the sauce is always based on mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup, and mustard with the addition of finely chopped pickles and white or onion powder. To find your most delicious dressing, we suggest you try variations with the addition of ground pepper, soy sauce, and your favorite spices. You can spread the topping on buns as well as meat.

Harmonic additions

One of the secrets of preparing a good burger lies in coating one side of the bun with mustard and baking it on the pan or grill where you previously prepared the meat. The flavors of the burger are also due to the caramelized onions that are prepared by long simmering and adding honey and soy sauce, as well as the inevitable fresh tomatoes, green or iceberg lettuce, melted cheese, and pickles. It is important to choose accessories that you will enjoy, so you can enrich the taste of the meat with mushroom sauce, baked or hard-boiled eggs, arugula, and various other ingredients.

Burger companions

The first portions of the burger were served without toppings, and soon it was joined by fries, which are today its most common companion. French fries can be replaced with seasoned young potatoes, sweet potatoes, and grilled carrot or celery sticks. Also, it is known that the taste of the burger matches irresistibly with fried onion rings and fried cheese, which can be added between buns.

Various variations

That the love for the burger knows no boundaries is also proven by the fact that today you can find it in all forms that make it suitable for different eating habits. So you can try the vegetarian version of the burger as well as the version without carbohydrates, where instead of a bun, a juicy burger is served between two halves of a smaller head of iceberg lettuce.

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