Valentine’s Day in the Heart of the City

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and many of us are thinking of ways to make this day unforgettable for ourselves and our loved ones. Crvena jabuka gastro market Marindvor is a place where you can create a special holiday of love. Further more, we will take you on a small journey through our departments where the most beautiful culinary magic is crafted.

STEAK BAR – Heaven for Gourmets

The perfect place for everyone who wants to celebrate this day with the best gourmet experience is certainly our Steak Bar. Here, we prepare for you some of the most famous and respected representatives of premium steaks, such as T-Bone, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and others.

To enhance the enjoyment of the moment, indulge yourself in the notes of quality wines from all over the world, available in our wine shop. Pair your steak with Bordeaux Superieur, which beautifully complements the aromas of the meat, elevating the taste to a new level.

SUSHI BAR – An Exotic Journey

For those seeking something new for Valentine’s Day or simply wishing to enjoy authentic Asian specialties, our Sushi Bar awaits. Explore the colorful world of different sushi rolls, prepared for you with great care according to the recipes of Japanese kitchen masters. A dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc will refresh the palate and complement the sea flavors of fish and seafood.

PIZZA AND PASTA BAR – Italian Romance

True romantics have a wonderful reason to indulge in the specialties of Italian cuisine on Valentine’s Day. Our pizza masters will prepare irresistible bites that will take you to the heart of Italy! Crafted with love and carefully selected ingredients, our dough promises pizzas, pins, and focaccia worth remembering. Pasta lovers will relish our wide selection of favorite Italian pastas that have won the hearts of many gourmets.

CAKES – A Sweet Adventure

When you desire something sweet, our selection of cakes will remind you that every moment is meant to be enjoyed. Surprise your loved one with a special sweet treat. All cookies and cakes can be ordered according to your preference, and our hard-working pastry chefs will ensure they are ready for you.

For all coffee lovers, we offer quality beans and blends, along with freshly squeezed juices from our Refresh Bar. Beer enthusiasts can choose from a variety of popular styles and timeless classics. Our offering range from refreshing lagers to authentic craft beers.

And of course, for those seeking the perfect setting for a romantic lunch or dinner, our Roof Bar provides an ideal ambiance for a special experience for two. Plan an unforgettable Valentine’s Day at Marindvor gastro market.

Love is in the heart of the city. We await your visit!