Roquefort – the King Among Cheeses

Roquefort cheese, a French delicacy with a rich heritage, is a product of Southern France’s unique blue mold. This mold, found only in this region, imparts the cheese with a distinct flavor, color, and texture. Its intense and spicy notes, coupled with layers of sweetness and sharpness, make it a true culinary champion.
Besides classic uses, we have highlighted several ways you can enjoy Roquefort cheese, transforming any dish into a true culinary delight!
Roquefort Salad: For a richer and more layered taste, add crumbled Roquefort cheese to a fresh green salad. This combination of sweet and spicy perfectly complements fresh vegetables and honey-and-lemon dressings.

Roquefort Ravioli: If you enjoy exotic and unusual flavors, prepare homemade ravioli filled with Roquefort cheese and pears. Serve with butter and fresh herbs for a luxurious meal that captivates your senses.

Roquefort Sauce: Use Roquefort cheese as the base for preparing a rich sauce. Combining this cheese with cream, white wine, and spices is ideal for drizzling over roasted meats or pasta.

Roquefort pairs excellently with certain types of wine. Port wine, with its mature fruity notes and slightly sweet taste, perfectly matches the spicy notes of Roquefort cheese. Merlot, a soft red wine with notes of red fruit and spices, is an excellent choice for pairing with Roquefort cheese, especially if you prefer milder and balanced flavors.
Roquefort cheese is undoubtedly a masterpiece of French culinary tradition, winning the hearts of gourmets around the world. Whether you decide to use it as an ingredient in various dishes or serve it as a snack with your favorite wine, you can be sure it will not disappoint.